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Feedback While I cannot attest to the Google Daydream or gamepad controller use with Google Cardboard, not having the requisite hardware, I can say that Voice on Lumiya works spectacularly well, and adds a further dimension to that already outstanding client. I tried SLGo a little while ago and then went back to Lumiya. Looking past my little universe albeit squinting to see the dim drab world my subordinates dwell in ,.

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Looking past my little universe albeit squinting to see the dim drab world my subordinates dwell in.

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Linden Lab does not put viewers on the list. Avina March viiewer, I guess I will be removing Lumiya from my smartphone. Lumiya is indeed free but it wont run on a slow PC with weak graphics at all. Go To Question Listing Viewers. Lumiya costs a couple of dollars.

Voice Chat Voice chat for Lumiya 3. Learn how your comment data is processed. What's the story behind that? Posted March 29, So, if the Lab were to ban Lumiya, a new version just lies and says its some other viewer.

What works for you may not work for others and vice versa. So crafty and evil that they are even willing to refuse freely given donations from grateful users in favour of the filthy lucre from a cabal of capitalist overlords?

Lumiya 3.3: Voice and more

Yes it is faster but why spend ten dollars for it when you can use that to shop on SL. If so it might well do that. Tap the chat icon at the top right of the screen and then select the name of the person you wish to IM pumiya via the Friends or Nearby option, or If the person is within our view, touch their avatar to display the avatar icons. Either way, if people were having a problem we would hear about it here in the forum.

vieer There are some viewers that are perfectly safe to use but not on the list, simply because their designers have decided not to self-certify. When the IM window has opened, tap the telephone handset icon top right. If the image you require is not among them, tap the menu button top left and navigate to the storage option where it is located.

I remember it posted a month or so ago. For an IM voice call, tap the name of the lmiya you wish to IM e. But sad part no one supports the Amazon Fire platform. After all, that has happened before. You then use a remote desktop application on your mobile device to run SL with all features and quality.

Lumiya mobile client no longer on 3rd party viewer list? - Viewers - SecondLife Community

Vieeer they reject the call, or opt to converse in IM via text, the microphone bar will vanish. This will initiate a fresh call.

Gryphon Ronas March 23, If you purchased a Steam game from OnLive, that game will still be available on Steam. When in receipt of a Voice IM call, a drop-down will be displayed at the top of the currently active Lumiya screen 3D world view shown If you accept the call, the microphone bar will be displayed, and your microphone will be hot. So much generosity, fundraiser complete! To initiate Voice chat in open chat, tap on Local Chat in Lumiya. There are a number of viewers that are known to be unsafe that can connect to SL.

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