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Man, I was searching the track "Natpiline" all these years.. This music cue with serious notes on strings implies the mystery behind Vinoth. I am just going to list the images crossing my mind when I listen to this music please note, last time I saw the movie was almost 2 years back. This video and mp3 song of Best scene from devathayai kanden ayngaran hd quality is published by Ayngaran on 02 Feb Divya talking to Vinoth is more important than what she talks to him.

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Two of them which I have traced and listened to are "Vinoth's Excitement and Mystery" and "Thathi thathi thavudhe" bit song.

Kaadal konden climax mp3 bgm video & mp3 songs.

Yuvan has gone in for a variety kadjal motifs, and it is good that no single theme is derived from the melodies of the songs in the movie. Even though each piece of music in KK is genuinely haunting and mindblowing, my mind refuses to accept them as original.

Like the music, the lyrics also instantly stick to our mind. Every single look and variation in the actions of Vinoth clijax the scene is perfectly punctuated by switching the beautiful romantic theme on various instruments.

Music Portal: Kadhal Konden - Background scores

As I told, every single scene or emotion of Vinoth has its own theme and its own pattern of development as the movie progresses. But still I;m koonden to this OST and enjoying. Creating such an impact on the audience with the background score is difficult. The piece starts with sad strings playing for Vinoth being sent as a child labor to a factory by his mother.

No single theme can bring in all these mixed feelings of a character. The main plus point is that each piece of music suits the mood so well Slowly the strings come forward to play the notes more boldly, when we come to know that Vinoth has started to speak confidently, leaving all the inhibitions behind.

Fast Download Great bgm by vidyasagar This video and mp3 song of Great bgm by vidyasagar is published by mmanojkrishnan on 27 Kondeh KK BGM is one of the best scores.

Kadhal Konden Last Scene Download

One may complain that the music is so loud in kadhzl scene, and it overlaps with what Divya is speaking to Vinoth. But I want to emphasize that music, even if catchy, if not relevant to the scene and if it doesn't add that extra something to the emotions in the scene is of no help as background score material.

Vinoth - An alien - The uneasy look of the other students, the mix of feelings like nostalgia, fear and embarrassment of Vinoth are well brought out in this theme. Then the sudden transformation to somewhat relaxed mood happens with the sound of the very first note of the flute suggesting the freedom of kids, the percussions that follow are for Kids escaping and the flute theme along with strings playing a very pleasant melody suggesting that the kids are finally free and flying away like butterflies.

Thuppaki bgm collection This video and mp3 song of Thuppaki bgm collection is published by Jagdish Kanna on 03 Apr Aaranya kaandam bgm jukebox yuvan, thiagaraja kumararaja This video and mp3 song of Aaranya kaandam bgm jukebox yuvan, thiagaraja kumararaja is published by Yuvan Mania on 21 Apr And the due credit should go to the lyricist Na. Great bgm by vidyasagar.

It perfectly suits the climax action sequence and the reason being Vinoth's passion and undying hope for a happily ever after life with Divya, as he kicks Aadi with mad wild enthusiasm. Very rarely does surprise small songs which were not previously released in the soundtrack makes so much impact on very first listening.

And Yuvan has done it so perfectly in this scene. Just experience it for yourself. This kind of seamless transition and blending in synch with the cuts and emotions on the visuals is very kaehal for an effective background score. This video and mp3 song of Jillunu oru kathal arr bgm is published by T music tamil on 29 Jan The flute and female vocals bring in all sympathetic sound needed. I think that is the case in Selva movies, especially the 3 songs in Kadhal konden.

Slowly the flute takes over which could be easily mistaken as an Illayaraja compositionthe haunting flute sounds the sweet acquaintance of Vinoth with another girl working in the same place and the following female vocal suggests the longing of kids to live a free life, as they watch konen playing happily with their parents outsidethen suddenly after a brief mysterious piece suggesting that something wrong has happened to that girl, a sad chorus bursts out for her painful death and more than her death the music is for Vinoth, who has become all alone again.

The instrumental version of this song appears again when Divya falls in love with Aadi.

Then what is the difference between these composers and others like Deva, Pritam and Anu Malik. Regarding plagiarism in music, I think the director also plays a huge part in many cases.

Fast Download Best scene from devathayai kanden ayngaran hd quality This video and mp3 song of Best scene from devathayai kanden ayngaran hd quality is published by Ayngaran on 02 Feb So I lost hopes on the other tracks as well. Will keep konxen posted if i get any info on the plagiarism front

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