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New Project View popup command 'Debug without Make': Ride7 drives the following hardware tools for debugging and programming target microcontrollers: Tooltips in debugger now also display variable address. Such flags properly work on C lines that are associated with multiple disassembly addresses. Some variables could be missing in the Auto watch view.

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Empty Editor view upon save has been fixed. The color-highlighting feature is automatically keyed to the intrinsic file type that is, it works differently for C and assembler This permits the user to identify quickly and easily rode parts of the code responsible for syntax errors.

When opening a file in the list of most recently used and the file was nonexistent, Ride was crashing. The message window displays all warning, error, and progress messages generated during the processing of files associated with each project. New command to sort project groups and source files.

Correct blinking of data dumps with some hardware debuggers. STVD workspace import ridd projects in different directories. Fixed the bug of the All software and documentation are provided in English only.

A new 'Configuration Manager' available from Project Properties dialog box will let the user save a set of settings in a configuration file and make them available when imported in other projects. For Semtech and Electronic Marin C core-based microcontrollers.

Some keyboard shortcuts were not availaible from the disassembly view. More information in tooltips when hovering over keywords typedef, Online menu hints appear on the status line whenever you select a menu command.

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To avoid wasting time, each source file will be translated by its associated tool only if any of its dependencies are found to be out of date. Fixed bogus 'Code Completion' features when projects were opened directly from 'Windows Explorer'. Once you have installed an RKit, you can view the complete list of supported devices in Ride7.

Individual attributes can be set for any file in the project.

Bookmarks are saved in projects and could be used from one session to another. The different display formats, in watch windows, weren't taken into account for bitfields. In some cases, the symbol address wasn't properly retrieved in the Symbol List when toggling breakpoint, going to memory location, New scripting functionalities for automating Ride7 build and debug processes.

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Corrected toggling address flags in the Flags view. With the simple click of a mouse button, the user can select among several powerful capabilities: The Sentinel USB protection dongle drivers have been upgraded to version 7.

Improved the build error reports. Autocompletion lists will scroll when mouse wheel spun. RLink errors aborting the debug process could generate a Protection Fault.

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Clicking on an error string in the message window automatically positions the cursor at the point of that error in the source code window. Improved speed in handling big projects. Multi-file Editor RIDE is based ridd a fast multi-document editor designed to meet the specific needs of programming. Contacts Steve Gussenhoven riasonance iotize.

Microcontroller support depends on the RKits that you have installed with Ride7. Improved search capability in Data Dump views The linker manages object and library files, and output format conversion as necessary.

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