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Note you may need a 'slow' Mac to play it, since it seems to be running fast on fast Mac's you can still try it though. The file you are downloading is a special package created by GamesNostalgia so that you can easily run this DOS game on Windows Vista, 7 and 10, without any additional effort. Chapter 2 - The game itself Here are the files you might need to play the game. Note that this is NOT a standalone program.

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Your game is paused. The Story of Thalion Software. Please read the line in Bold for each of these programs, as it will explain if you need that file.

Download Supaplex for Windows

Should work in most Windows environments as well, but you may then be better off with a dedicated Windows editor see above. Money will be used the pay the costs of the servers and windoows the service. It mentions known bugs to the software.

You should check it out before reporting bugs to me.

Download Supaplex from official sites for free using QPDownload. Can any one help me I have windows 7. How to uninstall Supaplex? Please read our Privacy and Cookies Policy.

Supaplex Download and Install

I won't be able to provide more information than is included with the product! The fascinating story of Santa Paravia and Fiumaccio. Clicking this link will start the installer to download Supaplex free for Windows.

Help us with a donation GamesNostalgia is a free site maintained by volunteers.

Thanks to Frank Schindler! Orange Disks work like Zonks, but explode when hit or when falling.

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Game Supaplex Bif 1. Arkanoid Arkanoid is an arcade game developed by Taito in and one of the most popular videogame Note that, depending on your system and the software you already have you will not need all of these files.

supaplsx Only thing you need to do is download the zip archive, unzip to your game directory and run the game with included "Play NOW. Help us keep the site alive with a donation. Please support this webpage by visiting some of our advertisements.

Bomberman, or as it's known in Europe, Dyna Blaster, is one of my all-time favorites games MegaPlex is a Supaplex clone that runs in Windows and is fully Supaplex compatible i. Supaplex Supaplex is the first Boulder Dash-like game that is not fully grid-based: You need the game Supaplex for it to work!

Supaplex | Old DOS Games | Download for Free or play on Windows online

Just download an emulator, like DOSBox. For those of you who really want it you don't need it. Chapter 4 - Level editors If you want to make your own levels for Supaplex, here are some level editors for you.

Otherwise try to read a blog section or FAQ. It happens to me before and I thought the same.

Our web site is using cookies. The archive includes the required emulator DOSBox and it's already configured. The automatic game launcher applet has been removed because of vast unsolvable false positives antiviruses warnings. Utility Disks are explosive floppy disks and come in three different colors: It does not have all familiar features the SpeedFix has, but it's still very much worth checking out.

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