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This is supported by design details in AS Next Article Has wood-plastic come of age? Two important things As I mentioned in a previous Building Connection article, following two key principles will help building practitioners and designers to avoid waterproofing failures, and provide serviceable and usable wet area facilities.

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Waterproofing to BCA – doesn’t apply to me!

No membrane to substrate sheeting. New South Wales and Victoria, in particular, struggle with the concept. Escaping water then contacts and deteriorates adjoining timber skirtings — another no-no!

This is compounded by the common practice of installing the shower screen to unprotected wall linings and then tiling up to the screen. Water then travels along the tray gutter and jumps the tray from behind the wall sheeting, escaping the aas3740 enclosure. A x mm cavity around the shower waste is left open, without backfilling with concrete.

Use AS as your guide and justification to prove waterproofing application parameters. Photos 2 and 3 illustrate where Lamipanel has been installed over unprotected Aquacheck water-resistant plasterboard sheeting. People in Tasmania, South Australia and parts of Queensland will apply membranes to the top of screeds. It makes sense to apply membranes to the top of the formed mortar thingy, and nowhere else.

They have perfected the art of installing barrier stop angles to out-of-shape recessed shower bays, as left by the conkreatures. This results in high mould concentrations and poor sub-tile drainage.

Next Article Has wood-plastic come of age? Backing rod as barrier stop beneath spa.

Ax3740 waterproofed, tiled to all areas. North Queensland and Western Australia install masonry, tiled hobs to shower enclosures, however WA are still having trouble with placing the shower screen to the inside edge of the hob.

Seal all penetrations — this includes sheet fixings, tap and mixer penetrations, rose penetrations, toilet penetrations, screen fixings and any other penetrations through waterproofing systems.

Waterproofing to BCA – doesn’t apply to me! - Building Connection

The resultant leak occurs when trays and baths deflect under aw3740 load, separating wall linings at the tray junction. This is a breach of BCA performance provisions. Some of you may recognise some of these products but others may look like another language. They apply to all building practitioners, as required under your particular state or territory legislation. An initial lower layer may result in trapped moisture within screeds, affecting the upper layer.

Andrew Golle - Waterproofing Columns. The absence of aggressive subterranean termites means that penetration collars, chemical protection or physical barriers are not required. Adversely affect the health and amenity of occupants — below-screed membrane application can saturate and become clogged with organic soap residues, body fats, salts and other nasties promoting bacterial growth.

Australian Standards (AS) Waterproofing of Domestic Wet Areas - Project Building Certifiers

Water damaged Aquacheck sheeting. Compliant tiling to height designated by rose connections. The better quality building practitioners will then oversheet with 6mm wet area cement sheeting, prior to full coverage waterproofing. Unprotected adjoining plasterboard now water damaged. Tasmanians will not accept this step up, with their hobless walk through showers and will go aas3740 extra mile and recess the entire wet area floors.

Membrane application below screeds is common in Queensland and New South Wales, as an evolution from pre-fabricated copper, galvanised or stainless steel trays. One example of a breach of this requirement occurs when laminated wet area lining sheets are fitted over non-compliant, unprotected plasterboard sheeting. This is supported by design details in AS Water has aw3740 the tray lip from behind sheet linings. Tasmanians will render a floor, and often only the shower floor.

The correct construction should have been application of a compliant membrane system to the entire surface area of the Aquacheck, as per CSR requirements, and then installation of the Lamipanel with a compatible adhesive i. Type 2 sealant connection to spa.

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