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After what he did for Gingham Check many were expecting another visual orgy to feast their eyes upon. She reminds me of Momo-chan from Berryz Koubou and I don't like it Personally, I think it would've been better if they kept the heavy bass during the chorus, so it'd emphasize the phantasmagoric atmosphere of the song.

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Sure, it had some awkward moments steampunk display girls and confusingly fast cut-scenes to make up for the number of members, but it was an overall great production.

And that dark lipstick works for her.

It becomes your charm point. I think she's been doing ballet longer than the other one.

The background captured the entire concept of the PV. It has definitely knocked Beginner from the top of my list.

[PV]AKBUZA | DecaDroid8

Jurina's awesome profile I loved this shot. I'm going to uzx this under the "best Jpop PVs ever" category in my head now. I've never really been a fan of AKB And off they go, walking out in major disapproval I heard that she's supposed to be W centers with Yuko Oshima, so I'm kinda wondering why Yuko's not her co-puppeteer. I think Mayuyu creates a gentler, more feminine contrast to Jurina's edgier, more androgynous aura. Steampunk museum The two steampunk display girls were kind of lame, though.

The ordered chaos and strangeness and everything that is "UZA".

They also gave a good view of the girls' costumes, uaa I think are pretty cool. I actually like this part. With that said, I was hoping for an AKB48 version of Thriller when I saw the previews of the concept behind this video. The visuals blend Victorian, gothic and old school aviator together for an interesting combination. Toggle navigation Toggle navigation.

The intro does what it's supposed to do and introduces the girls in weird wooden poses, keeping with the puppet theme. UZA just has more dancing and girls. Another dance shot The dance parts were hard to catch, but I loved what little I saw. Casting some of the members as puppets was pretty much dead on.

PV preview for AKB48's upcoming single "UZA" revealed

This was awkward the first time, and it's only gotten more awkward I didn't understand half of what was going on in Beginnerwith all the beheading and squishing and squirting blood. Since there are so many theatrical shots I did my best to capture every single one of them.

Then we have ballerinas doing what ballerinas do. I give it a high grade because it's a far stretch from the usual cuteness AKB48 flaunts, keeping some not-so fans interested in them. Whenever she does her head-roll thing she reminded me a lot of the Mad-Hatter, which I think was a really good point in the PV since most of it was slightly mental.

I can't stop going on about the costumes. The gold-glittery eyeshadow was the perfect girly balance to the otherwise boyish steampunk get-up; the dark lipstick in Yuko's case, chrome suited the PV and them so well that the cutesy image I have of AKB was totally crushed.

Please don't turn me into a puppet.

[PV] AKB48 - UZA (Full Version)

Puppetmasters Jurina and Yuko Mayuyu The PV kicked off with a sort of gothic-steampunk circus-slash-puppetshow motif and Jurina Matsui and Mayu Watanabe are co-puppetmasters, with the rest of the girls as the puppets. Anyway, their costumes fit the song in a weird way, since it was akn48 the most clean and feminine of them all.

Pairing Yuko with Jurina would have been too aggressive.

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